Those cool cats over at the Maybe Logic Academy have announced more courses from slackmaster-general Rev. Ivan Stang, primary word-hole for the mighty J R “Bob” Dobbs and master scribe of the Church of the Subgenius

The Maybe Logic Academy was formed by the amazing writer, and underated thinker, Robert Anton Wilson a few years ago:

Courses are grounded in the philosophy and perspective of maybe logic, an approach which emphasizes the fallibility and relativity of perception and tends to approach information and observations with questions, probabilities and multiple perspectives rather than absolute truths. This “model agnosticism” informs all MLA courses by maintaining an experimental attitude towards any particular paradigm, theory or model of reality.

The courses are taught online using some really cool multimedia and totally original works by its teachers who include: Douglas Rushkoff, R U Sirius and Lon Milo Duquette. The aims of Rev Stang’s course are clear: 

…students will have designed and developed their own religious cult to the point of marketability.

Now if only L. Ron Hubbard had thought of that?!?

Further info on the course and the Maybe Logic Academy can be found here

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