This week we delve into the psychomanteum, discover our Holy Guardian Angel and invoke ritual itself with the help of sorcerer, performance artist, and colleague Mr. Ulysses Black.

This week we discuss: Knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, New technologies in Magick and the Occult, Sorcery and much more.

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Ulysses Black Bio:

Welcome to the wonderous & weird world of ritual artist Ulysses Black!

From my roots in western esotericism, magick and the occult, I have spent the last 30+years investigating exactly how rituals of all forms ‘work’, using my artistic and performance backgrounds as the principal vehicle for disseminating that research. I hope you’ll find something here of interest and encourage you to join me on this journey.

So… when i say ‘rituals’ do I mean occult rituals and magical spells? – Sure, sometimes, but i also have a trained background in officiating weddings, funerals, handfastings, I have worked as the ritual consultant for films, choreographed rituals for music videos, delivered lectures, given seminars, run training and workshops all on rituals – and yes, even saying ‘cheers!’ to toast a friend is a ritual that interests me.

Rituals permeate our lives, regardless of whether we ‘believe’ in them – they have a profound ability to affect our sense of purpose, to give us meaning and better understand our place within the world. Alongside hunting and seduction, rituals might be the oldest performative actions we have, we all know them, we can all be affected by them… and yet they are inherently mysterious and oblique to normal understanding… Developing an understanding of ritual and its implementation not only enriches our lives, but more specifically helps us come to an understanding of our own sense of place and purpose. Ritual – as a activity – is a means of cultivating a deeper sense of meaningfulness within our lives.

I am driven by an insatiable thirst to create work that investigates, expresses or contributes to our practical understanding of rituals. Fancy exploring the strange and marvellous world of ritual? Join me on this adventure of investigation, leave your mark, even influence the work as it evolves and find expression through diverse projects.

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