Ken goes on a quest that has driven men to the edge of madness, the search for the Philosopher’s Stone of Alchemy. Turning lead to gold before our very eyes this week is the author of ‘The Alchemical Search for Unified Field’, R.E. Kretz.

This week we discuss: The lack of mysticism in modern freemasonry, Ophiuchus and Pythagoras, What exactly is the Philosopher’s stone, and how to use it and much more.

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R.E. Kretz Bio:

Being a historical researcher of Masonic symbols and meanings, I have a lifetime of experience with alchemy and the mystical arts. I studied Transcendental Meditation under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the 1970s, am a journeyman communications-electronics technician, Freemason, and shaman. I’ve explored various forms of meditation, the mechanics of how it works, and how to help others understand and practice it. I blend my knowledge of these diverse subjects in a way you can connect with, understand, and use, helping you achieve a higher level of spiritual consciousness. On his podcast, Poke Runyon says: “If you’d like to learn the secrets of Alchemy tune in and meet a master of the art.” Feathered Quill says: “Stay tuned for more gems to come from this master wisdom jeweler, R.E. Kretz.”

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