Returning from their long slumber, Ken and Marck venture into the arms of Morpheus to learn about dream initiation. Our shaman on this mystical quest is the lovely Sarah Janes, author of ‘Initiation into Dream Mysterious’.

This week we discuss: What is dream incubation, the importance of star knowledge, old woman rituals, creative inspiration from dreams and much more.

Joining me from the dream land is Marck Satyr

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Sarah Janes Bio:

Sarah Janes has been an enthusiastic lucid dreamer since childhood. She is a writer, public speaker, and sleep hypnosis workshop facilitator. She runs Explorers Egyptology, an online lecture series, and with Carla Hayden Smith operates The Seventh Ray, a virtual reality Mystery School. She is also a producer and co-host for the Anthony Peake Consciousness Hour podcast. Sarah is currently working with Rupert Sheldrake and the British Pilgrimage Trust to reinvigorate the practice of dream incubation at sacred sites. She lives in the UK.

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