This week we chat once again to the amazing Lon Milo Duquette! In this weeks episode we discuss the interesting topic of John Dee and Edward Kelly’s Enochian Magick, the controlled-schizophrenia of Magick, how angels give you Ferrari’s and ‘why Magick?’

Joining me in the co-host dungeon this week is our newest initiate in the mystery-school that is SittingNow, Adrian Dobbie, who you may remember has written some great articles and reviews for the site. Once again, Mort of the fabulous Media Underground returns to aid us in our endeavours.

Claire provides yet another great Weekly Weird News, in which she bemoans the loss of the worlds ugliest dog, and DaddyTank’s amazing  ‘Myspace Heroes’ returns for its second week, you can check the featured artists here:

Vicsid –

Kramer V Kramer V Godzilla –

Twiggy and the K-Mesons –

Next week we interview the Social Philosopher and Media Theorist Douglas Rushkoff, a personal hero of mine, about all things open-source, so keep em peeled for that!


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