This week we talk to one of my all time favourite writers and thinkers Douglas Rushkoff. In this episode we discuss, Obama’s potential to tap into bottom-up politics, what happens if we stop believing in the economy, Conspiracy Cultre, hacking reality, what the next renaissance might look like, writing comics, why advertising doesn’t work and Magick. I really hope you enjoy this special 20th episode of the show. I’m a HUGE fan of Mr Rushkoff making this a very special episode for me!

Joining me in the examiners chair this week is Media-Underground‘s George Mortimer and FINALLY our very own Claire Lumiere!


Daddytank hits in with another baby killingly (this will make sense if you listen) awesome ‘Myspace Heroes’, featuring:

Babies In A Woodchipper
Made For Chickens By Robots

The Battery Davis
Zano Bathroom


Douglas Rushkoff Bio (pinched from

Douglas Rushkoff is an author, professor, media theorist, journalist, as well as a keyboardist for the industrial band PsychicTV. His books include Media Virus, Coercion, Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism (a book which opened up the question of Open Source Judaism), Exit Strategy (an online collaborative novel), and a monthly comic book, Testament. He founded the Narrative Lab at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, a space which seeks to explore the relationship of narrative to media in an age of interactive technology.

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