This week we talk with historian, author and all-round great guy Dr Bob Curran about Vampires! Yes, that’s right…VAMPIRES! …sorry, got a little excited there. Bob is the author of ‘Vampires: A field guide to the Creatures that Stalk the Night’, so who better to talk to about my favourite mythological beasties! We discuss the many and varied Vampires myths around the globe, as well as the origins of our favourite blood suckers.

Featured song this week is a clip from ‘Act II’ by the awesome Sontaran Experiment, which is to be released soon, Expect chaos! Background music from Four Tet

Dr Bob Curran Biog:

Dr. Bob Curran is a native of Northern Ireland, born and raised in the Mourne
Mountains area of County Down, a region steeped in folklore and legend.
Throughout a varied life, he has worked in many fields—as a gravedigger,
professional musician, journalist, and civil servant. He is now a history teacher
and well known throughout Ireland and beyond as a writer and broadcaster. He
has written extensively, in English and several other languages, on various
aspects of history and folklore and acted as advisor to the Cultural Committee of
the Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly. He currently lives in Coleraine,
County Derry, with his wife and family.


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