Druids now tax-exempt.

About time, only one of the oldest religions in these isles. The BBC reports:

Druidry is to become the first pagan practice to be given official recognition as a religion.

The Charity Commission has accepted that druids’ worship of spirits arising from the natural world could be seen as a religious activity.

The decision to grant the Druid Network charitable status will also give druidry valuable tax breaks.

The commission says the network’s work in promoting druidry as a religion is in the public interest.

The move comes thousands of years after the first druids worshipped in Britain.

Druidry was one the first known spiritual practices in Britain, and druids existed in Celtic societies elsewhere in Europe as well.

BBC religious affairs correspondent Robert Pigott says that with concern for the environment growing and the influence of mainstream faiths waning, druidry is flourishing more now than at any time since the arrival of Christianity.

Interesting stuff indeed, click to read the full story.

Ken Eakins

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