Groundbreaking music just doesn’t come around nearly as often as it should, so it’s a pleasure to hear something that truly is “different.” Ex-Titus Andronicus guitar player Andrew Cedermark‘s new record “Moon Deluxe” is one of the most interesting and well-written albums to come out in 2010, and is worthy of attention from the very
first few notes.

As soon as opener “ad infinitum” starts, its clear that Cedermark has taken the influence of his former band and left it on the side of the curb. Sure, his guitar playing is just as muscular and intricate, but there is a deeper, more personal sense of sound on this one than anything he has associated himself with in the past. Many people have made allusions to Phil  Eleverum’s project The Microphones. It’s true that “Moon Deluxe” twists and turns with a seemingly organic pulse much like Eleverum’s music, but there is something completely different and unique about this record.

What sets “Moon Deluxe” apart from other like-minded albums is the songwriting. Cedermark has a knack for crafting a melody – quite often played out by an abrasive electric guitar – that has a way of wiggling deep into your brain and thrashing around until it has worn out its welcome. While his vocals and lyrics certainly add to the scope of the record, it is these mini instrumental sketches that make “Moon Deluxe” really shine. At just about 40 minutes long, it’s amazing how much Cedermark is able to jam into this album without making it sound too jumbled.

“Moon Deluxe” is a true achievement; perhaps the best record of 2010 at this point.

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