If – like me – you jumped onto the First Person Shooter bandwagon nice and early, you’ve probably heard of id. If you haven’t heard of id, then you’ve surely heard of their seminal classic ‘Doom‘.
Well, the fourth one is on the way now, and its writer Graham Joyce seems to have a pretty good grasp on what made the games storyline so compelling…The Occult aspects:

“The word comes from the Latin ‘occultus,’ which means ‘hidden, secret, concealed,'” Joyce says. “It still has that sense. Who doesn’t want to be in on the secret or to see what someone’s thought to make hidden? We all want to peer behind the curtain. The subject of witchcraft and the occult is a great example, because much of what witchcraft is about is a way of knowing the elemental forces of nature that have been vigorously suppressed by Christian and Islamic religious authorities. Of course, you do get some people for who it’s just a way of dressing up in daft costumes, but for others it’s about taking a peek into banned knowledge.”

The Occult? Now where have I heard that mentioned before around these parts?

(via: Gamepro)

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