Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea need a shorter name. It is a pain in the ass to type and a pain in the ass to say. At least they’ve used actual words not like this new crop of hipster scumbags that use symbols and shapes for their names. What next ? A scent ?

This lengthily monikered band received a good review from Ken for a previous EP which, if I remember correctly, was free also. This song is a bit of a grower, as the first couple of times it didn’t make much of an impact but listening as I write it’s actually pretty good with hoarse, shouty but impassioned vocals and a definite hardcore edge. Like a British Quicksand. Sadly, yet again I don’t know anything about the band. I’d love to say that they are the only kinaesthetic skydiving bachelors in rock but one or all of those statements may be false. Instead I will say that it’s easier to make up your own mind than listen to me. Download it for free here :



Kim Monaghan