A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to get a promo copy of Perhaps Contraption’s inaugural album “Sludge and Tripe”. I won’t go back into it as you can read the review still due to the combined power of the internet, electricity and eyes. In a nutshell, I was impressed, and I am happy to report that the gallivanting nutters are back. “Business” is an entirely more polished affair, like the cream of the last album but worked into a delightful new shape and sound that is softer on the palate and richer in the brain. Some of the weirdness has dissipated, but that’s natural as they are older and wiser, and it has done no harm. They also appeared to have softened their hard edges somewhat, which is a little bit of a shame as I enjoyed “Hard Cutlery” and “Tetrahedron” on the last album, which were tracks that saw the band at their rockiest (in a good way). As I have said though this is polishing and this album is leagues ahead of “Sludge and Tripe” in terms of polish. The jugband / klezmer / skiffle stomp of “Naughty Nigel” is a surefire summer smash (in my world anyway) that goes from being a comedy waltz into a pretty stunning piece of music. Opening track “Business” is also a brilliantly written bit of pronk informed by Henry Cow, Beefheart and such…quirky, intelligent and by turns rocking and thoughtful. A special mention goes to “Detritus” which is a beautiful little song with a rare female backing vocal which works really well and has one of those choruses that makes you wish you were in a rowing boat on a lake in the summer forever and a truly badass mini guitar solo too. There are a couple of other great tracks on here and their little instrumental asides are all apposite and engaging (in particular “A Nectar Temple”). So artwork, playing, songwriting and credentials are all in place. However, we don’t exactly appear to have an excess of intelligent and adventurous record buying members of the public nowadays so I suspect that Perhaps Contraption’s success or failure will come down to their live shows. And seeing as they are regulars at Burning Man and Glastonbury (urgh) I can only hope they achieve huge success soon. They deserve it.Get your hand numbered and latex bound copy here :




Kim Monaghan