Traditionally a review would attempt to impart some previously unknown information regarding the review subject. I don’t know anything about this band except that the man who sends us these things for review is very nice. And also persistent. As a reward for his persistence and also his niceness, I am going to tell you about United Fruit. Or more importantly, I am not going to tell you about United Fruit, I am going to give you a link to a song which you can download for free. It is probably an omen of an album or EP or something, that’s the way the “music business” works. Apparently. The band may or may not be on a label. They may have between 1 and 10 members. The song itself is OK. It doesn’t make my heart judder or give me goosebumps but it doesn’t make me cry blood either. If I got paid for this I’d probably be sacked, but I don’t, plus that lazy fuck Ken is in Florida so he’ll never know.



Kim Monaghan