This week: Nick needs to get his ass to the cinema, Flying cars!, Why you should be angry about The Watchmen prequels, Cops need to chill out, Fuck the Golden Dawn, The double-headed dildo deceit, Support the Henry Miller library, Democrats got it all wrong, The lost art of Jack Smith, and why religion may have a new excuse to bash science.

Personnel –  Joe NolanNicholas Pell, and Ken Eakins.


The Stories

  • Let’s talk Prometheus…bitches!
  • Flying fucking cars! – Link
  • Why you should be angry about The Watchmen  – Link
  • Putting a gun to an 11 year old’s head is not OK – link
  • Let’s talk Fascism – WikiVideo
  • Sex toy fools Chinese village  – link
  • Glass and Newsome continue rock n roll tradition – Link
  • Democrats desperately trying to co opt Occupy… still – link
  • Jack Smith documentary – Link
  • Scientists new findings show flaws in standard model link

Total Recall Posters

Watch Fascism in action

The Interludes


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