This week: Jail for vets, Fake sandstorms, Stay calm – believe the government, Iron Why?, Last flow of the River, Joe’s grateful for the dead, Tell premiere, Kim Monaghan: feminist, Space X, and the greatest drinking game…ever.

Personnel –  Joe NolanNicholas Pell,  Kim Monaghan, and Ken Eakins.


Links sans stink

  • The First U.S. Jail Devoted to Veterans – Link
  • Romanian News Reporter Fakes a sandstorm – link
  • Congressmen seek to lift propaganda ban – Link
  • IronSky: A poor decision – Link
  • River Phoenix’s last film headed to screen – Link
  • New 60’s Psychedelic Music Doc “The Dawn of the Dead” – Link
  • ‘Tell’ is finally released – Link
  • Kim supports this – Link
  • Nick Pell’s maiden Space News – Link
  • Possum: The Drinking Game – Link

Musical Interludes

The Melvins – Pearl Bomb

Robert Goulet – Summertime

Dissolved – USB Spiders For Rechargeable Grave