This week: Invest in Hippies and Hells Angels, Pell vs. Slime, Virgin boy eggs, Gay porn at communion, The quietest room on earth, Laugh at Paul Mcartney’s Redheaded step-son of child, Watch as US soil is breached by asian junk, tip our hats to Withnail and I, and shakes our heads disapprovingly at some states Teacher/Student sex laws.
Personnel –  Joe NolanNicholas Pell,  Kim Monaghan, and Ken Eakins.
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  • GOD DAMN HIPPIES!!! (JN) – Link
  • Pink Slime (Pell) – Link
  • China: the New Japan (Kim) – Link
  • Priest plays gay porn slideshow to his congregation (Ken) – Link
  • Quietest room on Earth will drive you mad! (JN) – Link
  • Want One. Probably A Bad Idea. (Kim) – Link
  • The Beatles 2 (Pell) – Link
  • Japanese Ghost Ship (Ken) – Link
  • Withnail and I at 25 (JN) – Link
  • Teacher/Student Sex Legal (Pell) – Link

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