Another gift from Rarely Unable (see Antikaroshi review for details) that wasn’t so much unwanted as below my radar, but I’m very glad to have received it. The drummer from Morkobot (as reviewed by me on the site) and someone else have got together to make an album of unrepentant, denim jacket wearing, beer chugging, cow tipping heavy metal. No fancy jazz bits or post- anything, this is an album of chugging riffs swinging their hair over flat out caveman drumming and it’s a joy to listen to. When I say no jazz bits I’m lying a little bit…there is the occasional sound of a synth and there is a hilarious-ly brilliant xylophone solo (“Trynchatowak”) but I think that’s a little bit of a nod and a wink to the listener to let us know that Zolle know it’s not 1983 anymore. But maybe it would be nice if it was. There’s something very refreshing about this album, with each song gravitating round deeply heavy riffs that should sound familiar but don’t. What is familiar is the chugging E minor refrain that inevitably turns up at some point because that’s what heavy metal is about.

            There are a bunch of jokes attached to the song titles (apparently) that I don’t get because they are all in Italian. If I remember rightly there is a theme of farm equipment running through it and their Last FM page shows them in a field with tools and a sort of drum kit made out of a basket and a bin lid and while this may all be a bit of an in-house joke it is clear from the picture that they’re having a right laugh, as well they may. Yet another great Supernatural Cat release and another great Italian band. Thanks Italy.

84,000 dodecahedrons

Kim Monaghan