WITTRI was quite excited to finally hear WITTR (as they’re colloquially known) as the band seemed to have bought their own version of black metal to something like popular acclaim. I know…you’re thinking the whole point of Black Metal is to shun popular acclaim and burn down churches instead right ? I know…I agree…not with burning down churches, but for me Black Metal is supposed to be unpopular. Anyway, none of that is relevant. What is relevant is that I’m not entirely sure WITTR have deviated that far from traditional black metal. Both tracks have an epic feel to them (mainly bought about by being very slow and reverb-y) and they have a certain Gothic vibe but it doesn’t feel like they’re doing anything that revolutionary. More like crashing Godspeed ! You Black Emperor into Emperor or someone like that. Still….it’s good enough that I’ll check out their “proper” albums (this is a live recording) and if you have no idea what black metal is then this is a fairly friendly place to start.

65,000 dodecahedrons

Kim Monaghan