So the title “Weekly Weird News” seems a bit misleading as I haven’t updated weekly necessarily, but without further ado-

The Waboba Ball is making quite a splash this summer as it bounces on water. Swedish inventor Jan von Heland created it after a few years of perfection. It has about the density of water an consistency of a breast implant. So much for skipping stones!

Alterati notes a strange phenomenon over the past few years: washed up feet! Yes, that’s right: amputated feet on many a shore! Read about it here.

But what ‘s really plaguing the seas is this:

Three women discovered and photographed recently what has become known as The “Montauk Monster,” found off Plum Island. Among suggestions for identification were turtle without its shell, strange bird, and a raccoon- for its canine teath and ear length. There is much skepticism surrounding the creature, but there have been confirmations that other beach-goers that day had passed it as well. It is unsure if the picture was photographed, but if it were, it was awfully well done.

Locals notice in Taiwan that “stiff soldiers” turn out to be dummies

The best conspiracy theories in science fiction.

A judge in New Zealand legally changed the name of a girl whose parents had called her “Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii.” Here’s a list of weird names celebrities have named their children.

Steve Robinson ponders The World Without Man.

Not necessarily new news, (but newly popular to–) at least fifty people lost their sight while looking for an apparition of the Virgin Mary from direct sunlight in India.

Are you gay?

The A.M.P. or Automated Musical Personality is a new toy robot released by Hasbro/Tiger Electronics that plays music. The robot follows you around, as well. Hackers will lament that it is not programmable to do anything it has not already been set to do. Click here for the official site! and here for a video to see the bot in action.

A man with an IQ of 125 was rejected for a position as a policeman.

British computer hacker Gary McKinnon lost his final appeal against extradition on July 30th for hacking into US military computers. McKinnon states he was only interested in extraterrestrial findings.

A two-faced girl was born in March in a suburb near Delhi, India.

Esquire published articles recently on what it feels like to be a guard at Guantánamo Bay and what it feels like to be a prisoner, as well.

In other international war-related news, Ishmael Beah’s book, A Long Way Gone, Memories of a Boy Soldier is now published in paperback. In the book, Beah recounts his experiences when recruited as a child soldier in Sierra Leone. Click here for an excerpt from the book. There are currently an estimated quarter of a million children around the world who are soldiers, half of which are female.

A 19 year old was charged with growing marijuana in Rock Creek Park, Washington, DC recently. The strange part, however, is that the police used a box turtle to help locate him. And, the case for legalizing marijuana.