On Wednesday, May 14th, Britain’s Ministry of Defense released all UFO-related files between the years of 1978 and 1987 to the national archives.  The remaining files from the 1950s and more recent history are scheduled to be made public over the next few years.  These documents of purported UFOs contain witness accounts and the government’s reactions to the sightings, which are reported primarily as different colored hovering or traveling lights.  In almost each report, the lights are said to have descended quickly, landed, and then vanished.  Though some citizens claimed these sightings to had extraterrestrial significance, some even mentioned having contact with aliens, the staff of the Ministry of Defense took more concern in assuring that they were not earthly foreign spies, rather.  Special interest was paid during the Cold War when Soviet aircrafts were suspected.

Nick Pope gained access to the files two days earlier:


The UK National Archives have released a series of videos and podcasts here