Jack O’Connell’s 1968 film Revolution captured the craziness, the chaos, the hope and the hippies that defined the Summer of Love. Some of these interviews seem a little staged, but, for the most part, he captures some really candid moments and some extended music sequences that seem to embody the times. The soundtrack is noted for the inclusion of Mother Earth, Steve Miller, Country Joe and the Fish, and The Quicksilver Messenger Service. The soundtrack was re-released in 1973 and the film was also revived and amended with additional interviews. A strange, psychedelic curio, Revolution is a real turn-on, man. Keep your eyes peeled for Daria Halprin – she’s the beauty who goes on to star in Michael Antonioni’s Zabriskie Point in 1970. After that she went on to become one of a few Mrs. Dennis Hoppers.

Stay Awake!

Joe Nolan