The Weather Channel

A new venture from the man behind Yellow Then Blue, Weather Channel is pretty much straight up dance music, but if you know Yellow The Blue then you know not to expect anything but quality. No disappointments here. Opener (“Weather Channel 0”) is a brief splurge of sci-fi static which launches us into a “Weather Channel 1”, a heavily Aphex Twin influenced piece of electronic IDM with a great bassline and authentic retro fittings.

“Weather Channel 2” is a bouncy electro track with little touches of YTB’s glitchy leanings. “Weather Channel 3” is in the same territory, but with a few cold wave synth touches added. If you were a techno-head in the 90’s these two tracks probably won’t get you too excited but it is a loving tribute to the days of dance and “Weather Channel 4” is in the same place, even boasting authentic 303 licks. Final track “Weather Channel 5” is reverse-tastic and is somewhat reminiscent of “Channel 1”.

This may not be as breath-takingly dense and spectacular as Yellow Then Blue’s “Currents” but it is a pleasingly dance-y reminder of the power of the 808, and it is also free from

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