Thanks to listener Eric Whitcomb for giving us the heads-up on this very interesting video from Google’s EDU ‘Tech Talks’ series:

How Stanford the CIA/NSA Built the Valley We Know Today

How much does an average Googler know about the history of the place he works in? Silicon Valley. Come and test your knowledge. I have seen this talk and I assure you -even seasoned Silicon Valley veterans will find this story interesting. Silicon Valley entrepreneur Steve Blank will talk about how World War II set the stage for the creation and explosive growth of Silicon Valley, and the role of Frederick Terman and Stanford in working with government agencies (including the CIA and the National Security Agency) to set up companies in this area that sparked the creation of hundreds of other enterprises.

Interesting stuff! Thanks again to Eric for sending us this. If you want to shove something our way feel free to email, and we’ll gladly take it off your hands!

Ken Eakins

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