Love him or hate him, it cannot be denied that George Lucas is one of the most innovative and forward thinking filmmakers in the history of cinema. Personally, I think the man is genius. His skills have spanned from experimental (THX1138, Early tone poems), to comedy (American Graffiti), Swash-buckling adventure (Indiana Jones), and of course space opera (Star Wars). He pushed major cutting-edge innovations that have helped countless filmmakers realise their visions, myself included (Avid Media Composer being my main tool day to day as an editor).

One of my favourite interviewers, the brilliant Charlie Rose, sits down with George, and manages to extract what I think a lot of of his fans will consider to be his best interview to date. Throughout it is made obvious that the  same 60’s hippy rebel is still in there, and possibly, more-so now than ever before:

Let’s hope he does release those experimental films, I bet they’ll be great!


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Ken Eakins is a filmmaker and weird stuff enthusiast from the South of England.

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