This self-released album is from someone who does other things that I’m supposed to know about. So not for the first time I write from a position of historical ignorance. I don’t think the pedigree of a band is important though. Music’s either good or shit… or somewhere in between. I’m such a guru. Anyway, let’s earn a crust.

The music is clever, well produced, and from somewhere on the border between rock and pop. The vocals are genuine and soulful and to me this band sound a little like a cross between Elliott Smith and QOTSA. Production is excellent and there are lots of little quirks and ticks that keep your interest, but this is not a gimmicky record, just a well written one. There we go I did a review without saying anything negative.

Oh. A new paragraph, I must not be finished. Sadly, this band are going in the same folder as the illustrious Pilotlight and Jack Hayter, artists who I can’t fault but I also cannot for the life of me imagine waking up in the morning and going “Yes…I must listen to them today.” I just have other more interesting things to listen to, but if you’re a young person without the wear and tear of a thousand different bands on your ears you may well find that The Christmas Lights are a bit like an early Christmas present.

I wonder if anyone reviews this album without making a shitty Christmas pun.

Kim Monaghan

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