So if you’re keeping up with my latest burst of no-mark reviews you might be thinking “oooh…he’s on the blob”. Fuck you, I’m not. Well, maybe a little bit. Which is why I saved this little beauty for last. I like to try and be a bit positive every now and then.

Bash Nova‘s “Corners” is like a collection of unreleased Lars Von Trier soundtracks. Sound mirage’s if you will, with noises and wispy threads of synth creeping round at the edge of your peripheral hearing, but nothing as vulgar and obvious as actual music.

While the tone could be considered sinister, there is nothing overtly threatening. It’s more that you feel you’re surrounded by something that’s a bit cleverer than you and it’s laughing at you. There are the occasional beats but they’re pretty tangential to the sounds that they are part of (as in “Filter This”). This is stream of consciousness ambience where ideas evolve when they are required, and are nurtured until they begin to disintegrate.Β It’s weird that an album with so little actual music in can be so musically interesting, while an album like One Man Team Dance’s “Set Menu” (that literally bursts with ideas) can be so …meh.
My inner curmudgeon is desperately rallying against such unalloyed positivity, so I will have to point out that “Tristic” is so singularly misplaced on this album that on my initial listen through, I stared agog at my iPod when it came on, believing it to have been possessed by the unhappy wandering spirit of UK garage. Bash if you read this….remove it quickly befoire anyone notices it’s there.
Anyway, as this is a free download, I recommend going and grabbing it and then shrinking yourself down to the size of an atom, so you can let this soundtrack your experiences while you whizz past protons and do battle with neutrinos and such.
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