The publishing arm of the ‘Typhonian Tradition’ of Thelemic Magick, Starfire are 25 this year:

Starfire Publishing is 25 years old this year, the first issue of Starfire having been published on 19th May 1986. To mark this, we’ll be throwing a party in central London around the time of the anniversary, and there will be various other events throughout the year.

The first of these events will be a sale on the Starfire Publishing website of rarities recently unearthed in the wake of moving the Starfire Publishing stock to storage. This cornucopia will include amongst its gems standard editions of The Ninth Arch and Beyond the Mauve Zone; deluxe editions of Beyond the Mauve Zone, Convolvulus and Gamaliel; signed standards of Outside the Circles of Time and The Other Child; ex-series deluxes of Outside the Circles of Time and Liber Lilith; and ex-series hardbounds of Starfire Vol II no 3. No enquiries just yet, please; we’ll email via the mailing list when all is in place and the sale starts.

This 25th year promises to be the busiest for us yet, with Ecpyrosis due back from the printers later this month, a novlla by Kenneth Grant and a new issue of Starfire in preparation for publication in the Spring, and several other titles due to appear before this hallowed year 2012 breathes its last.

The Typhonian Order (formerly the ‘Typhonian OTO’), are a long-running fraternity of magicians, headed by Aleister Crowley alum Kenneth Grant. The order differs from the OTO, in that it doesn’t primarily focus on ‘Thelema’. Amongst the orders interests are extraterrestrial life, and H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulu Mythos.

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