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It seems that Kim Monaghan, our intrepid music reviews editor, and writer of steel has been straying away from the sitting now nest!:

‘Sitting Now regulars will no doubt be familiar with my alter ego, Daddy Tank. Well, that ego has continued to expand almost exponentially and is now too large to be contained in a couple of podcasts and some pseudo-literate review rants. My arrogance has blossomed and matured…it has become a record label.

I have encountered too many bands and musicians lurking in the half-light of the Internet, scavenging for scraps of respect and attention, while some of the utter shit that masquerades as music flourishes. This has, of course, always been the case but with the onslaught of piracy and digital downloading, good music and good musicians are at a nadir. If you are not writing auto-tuned disposable filth, and you don’t have a video fronted by a posturing day-glo imbecile, you will not sell your music.

If you feel, like I do, that an album, an EP or even a song is particularly good, and you also feel that this piece of art has made such a significant impact on you that the person who created it deserves some kind of reward, then visit

The labels first offering, described below, looks to be a belter:

The first release on Daddy Tank Records is the mighty Pang with “Garden of Menace”. This amazing album has been floating around on the internet for free for a couple of years ( ), and while those people who have been lucky enough to stumble across it are inevitably won over by its labyrinthine obsidian splendour, the numbers of people who have heard this album remain unacceptably low. Existing simultaneously in the genres of dark ambient, glitch and electronica, “Garden of Menace” is structurally perfect. Each individual track is endlessly fascinating, whether it is the eerie emptiness of “Hollows” or the post-apocalyptic “Dead Monism”, but the album itself is also a mind expanding and intellectually intoxicating masterpiece from beginning to end. The closest comparisons that can be made would be to Arovane, Bola and Autechre but ultimately “Garden of Menace” sounds only like “Garden of Menace”. If you like challenging, intellectual and avant garde electronic music this is a must have.

The album comes in a limited run of 200 copies, each copy will come with Pang artcard and Daddy Tank Records sticker. The first 10 copies sold will also come with a mysterious free promo item.

Mysterious? Limited?…these words are porn to a music geek. I hope you’ll join me in wishing Kim well for this exciting new project!

Now, get back to work dammit! This isn’t a bloody lounge….etc.

Ken Eakins

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