"Fear! The crack that might flood your brain with light!"

In a recent episode of Coincidence Control Network, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the hilarious cult movie, Withnail and I.

This shambling wreck of a tale finds two down-and-out actors drinking their way through their damaged, dilapidated days, simply trying to get out of the city to enjoy the fresh air in the country. The story really is that simple, but it’s the details and the dialog and the unforgettable characters that make all the difference here.

As British actors, Withnail and his friend – “I” – are steeped in the work of the Bard. References to – and quotes from – Hamlet cast the hapless duo as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, tripping over one another, on their way toward a certain kind of doom.

I’m a bit obsessed – again – with the film and just found this nifty documentary. It’s a hilarious revisit for veterans and a fine introduction for newbies as well.


Joe Nolan