Our Strange World is reporting that a Romanian man killed his brother in law, as he was convinced he was werewolf:

Thomas Masaryk has been charged with first-degree murder in the bizarre case, but he plans to plead innocent under a 500-year-old Transylvania law that says it’s not murder to kill a werewolf.

“We’ve obviously got to prove the victim was a werewolf to take advantage of the law,” Masaryk’s attorney told reporters. “My client and I feel sure we can do that. We’ve got his personal testimony and the eyewitness account of a priest to back us up.”

Not a man to jump to conclusions, Masaryk recruited a nearby holy-man to witness the shooting:

Father Batistei told reporters, “It’s true. I heard the man threaten to kill Mr. Masaryk and saw him change before my eyes. Hair sprouted on his face and hands and fangs grew right out of his mouth. His eye glowed fiery red – and he began to grown and moan like a caged beast.”

Masaryk put a stop to the horrifying transformation with a single shot from a .38 caliber revolver.

The bullet he used to kill Serghiescu had been made from a silver crucifix that reportedly had been blessed by the Pope.

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Ken Eakins

(Thanks for Ollie for sending this to me)

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