Praise The J

After the lyrical murderousness of 2011’s amazing Money Boys mix-tape, it seemed that our annual fix of Rappy McRapperson was done and dusted for this year. However, after much prism-gazing from his loyal cult members, Rappy has returned with a brand new album opportunity for you all to get in on the ground floor of …praise the J.

Recorded live in front of a 60,000-strong crowd of meth-heads, perverted men (fresh from the bathhouse), disabled hookers, phone losers, and Amway hustlers; Rappy delivers a much more polished set than we’ve heard previously. But – for the veteran Rappy fans – do not panic! Dylan has not gone electric quite yet; this is still very much a McRapperson production.

This album appears to be far more biographical than Rappy’s former efforts. From his pained tale of family-contamination in the heart-wrenching ‘Mom I gave you aids’, to re-living his time as the local Amway-Mafia crime-lord (fanny pack division) in ‘Scar-Pack’, Rappy is pulling no punches this time round.

In amongst the abundance of J-praising – which peaks in the knee-worthy ‘Praise the J’ – Rappy also throws in some prothetic knowledge for his fans in the form of ‘Aflockaliptic Flapture’, which will have you popping bird seed just to ease the tension. Know your birds! It might just save your life.

The album’s highlight for me is the excellent ‘So Punk Rock Like Avril Lavigne’, in which our hero grapples with the most hood of all gangstas – Justin Beiber – in a race against time to auto-tune everything.

Live at Amway Arena is by far the best Rappy album to date, and if you don’t have it yet, DON’T PANIC, just click here and download it for free, or even better, click here and throw Rappy some coins to add to his Amway-Fanny -Pack-Empire. They got the Louis-print.

Ken Eakins




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