I personally have a lot to thank Paul Catten for. Not just the Stuntcock records, which I enjoy as much as it is possible to enjoy teeth shattering-ly high frequency feedback) or The Sontaran Experiment record (epic doom metal) but because Mr Catten introduced me to Sitting Now. So I guess that means you have a lot to thank him for too. Grovelling aside, what this new record of his like ? As far as I’m aware it’s the first he has released under his own name and it marks a departure from either of the two identities mentioned. Yes, there are some similarities, like genius song titles (“The Jedi And The Selective Mute”) and bursts of Theremin created static that would burst a dogs eyeballs (“An Army Of Narcoleptics Swarm Among Us”). The album is also presented as one song in five acts (a la Sontaran Experiment) and the Stuntcock penchant for disturbing samples is also present throughout.

Similarities aside this record is a very different affair from any of its precursors. It is firstly a piano album which veers from atonal banging of keys to the beautiful melody that makes up the centerpiece of “Finale: Serenity In An Ocean Of Storms”, a spiralling refrain that nestles in clouds of choking feedback. It is weird and avant garde but also strangely personable and it feels like a lot of work has been put into it. The only thing I would have liked to see would be real piano and strings (as opposed to keyboard ones) but I guess getting a grand piano and a string quartet on your album nowadays is a bit of an ask. I think they made up for this by getting the whole thing pressed in a Victorian printing press which is the kind of little touch that I respect Future Noise for. A jolly good record and I hope to see it performed live one day … soon ?

Kim Monaghan