Despite being on Load Records for some time, I had never heard of OvO. Yet more compelling evidence for me to drop this reviewing charade nonsense, because OvO are bad ass and I quite plainly should know about a band that dress up like Satanists and purvey noise-metal that hops between experimental, lullabies and drone so deftly.

From what I can tell there are only two members of OvO, but they manage to pull of the same trick as former label mates Lightning Bolt, sounding like a fully staffed band and then some. Ominous basslines, crushing drumming and serpentine guitar lines all merit attention, but the real star of the show is the female vocalist. She whispers, screeches, moans and sighs, then she shrieks and imprecates before ululating wildly and that’s all in the space of one song. Fascinating and terrifying, I can only imagine what this lot are like live, but there is a pretty extensive back catalogue to root through while I wait for them to turn up on tour.

Kim Monaghan