Colombian metal band…I didn’t get much further than that because (sorry Colombian metal bands) but I wasn’t expecting much. This album went to the bottom of the review pile and I sort of forgot about it. But then I needed something to do while drinking tea and eating very large biscuits and so I had a listen.

Imagine my surprise to find that they are actually very good, and they do something that seems to make me very happy. They combine jazz and metal in an interesting way that works well. There are also elements of straight metal, and math shows its face every now and then too. The vocals sound a bit strained at times, possibly because the band sings in English, but they don’t distract from the music. What does sound wrong to me is the drum programming. This is odd because they appear to have an actual drummer in pictures, but I am sure that at points the drums are programmed. There are also some slightly dubious synths in the mix too.

All in all I am optimistic for Opensight’s future. They are not slavishly following one specific band or genre, but blending their influences into something that has rough edges but should win both respect and some degree of success. Go to the website and get your free download of “Only When” but listen to “Absolute Truth” or “Deleted Scene” or “Skeptic Creed” because those are their best songs.

Kim Monaghan