Two man band, one drummer and one keyboardist with occasional shouting. No, it’s not Hella. What’s it like ? Alright.

The drumming’s a bit off (possibly on purpose). The vocals are few and far between, which is a good thing (“What do you want ? Cheese ! When do you want it ? Now !”

The “songs” appear to have been recorded in one take and have made it into an album on the basis that they are long enough and enough things happen, but there is little evidence of any kind of thought behind them.

I guess if they’re reading this they would be like “duh…we’re being ironic and sarcastic and also having a lot of fun….fuck you with your songwriting process” and to that end I guess I would buy into their product.

Where this album falls down for me is that the production is phenomenally flat. Things that should be theoretically quite exciting have had the life leached from them. It’s a bit like a comic…vastly exciting but utterly two dimensional.

It seems like everyone in the world is in a band now. Everyone is musically literate enough to write songs that recycle their flavour of the month and this feels like the result of a thousand monkeys playing a thousand drumkits and keyboards together….edited. And produced by a robot.


Kim Monaghan