Jae is on Ninja Tune’s Brainfeeder imprint, as administered by Flying Lotus. The whole psychedelic woozy sound that Flying Lotus and his army of clones have appropriated is in full force on this EP. It isn’t really music so much as a bunch of little collages stitched together to give you the feeling of being on a trip in a fleapit cinema in Morroco. The tunes that feature any attempt at music “Guns Go Off” and “$easons” are very slight. I don’t know if Jae is a rapper (as usual I’m playing with a full deck of ignorance) and I don’t think he knows either. In fact I’m not sure that he was even aware of this project. I suspect he was considerably more interested in doing bongs and mushrooms. Normally I would say “hats off”, but this lacks anything of substance, but will probably be applauded all over the world for being at the meeting point between Gonjasufi, Flying Lotus and  J.Dilla. Tricky must be jumping up and down somewhere, apoplectic with rage going “…I did this a decade ago….”

It is interesting to me that releases seem to competing with each other to see who can be the most rough and ready. It seems that the more music becomes a purely digital affair, the more analogue it sounds. Hmmmm….I wonder why ? Anyway, at this rate Ninja Tune and its sprogs aren’t going to bother sending anything for review. I think the last thing I got really enthused about was Dels. Sort it out Ninja.


Kim Monaghan