Good plan!

Good plan!

Nosferatu D2 are two brothers from Croydon who deliver engagingly sloppy songwriting that projects mid 90’s US lo-fi through a prism of distinctly English melancholy. The guitarist/vocalist has a charmingly downbeat selection of lyrics delivered as though slightly drunk and he is backed by his drummer brother, who is armed with colourful array of fills and tricks that make this two man band sound like at least three.

Whilst listening to Nosferatu D2 I thought of Sebadoh and how Arab Strap might have sounded if they’d taken coke to make their records rather than Special Brew. Tracks like “2 People,0 Superpowers” and “Mojo Top 100” are an excellent place to start listening to this band with some of their funniest and most clever/banal lyrics and also some excellent and charismatic musical flourishes.

I suspect that this band will stand or fall on the strength of their live performances and if they ever make it up to Birmingham I’ll be sure to go and catch them. Go to to buy the album or download your free copy of their super festive Christmas single “It’s Christmas Time For God’s Sake”.

Kim Monaghan

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