"Move along citizen"


Ever found yourself wandering the mean-streets of Tunbridge Wells,  a small town nestled in the leafy county of Kent? Ever wandered if the police can handle potential crimes, such as: Littering, Cat loss, Parking in disabled spots when able-bodied, and of course hooliganism?

Well wonder no more, The Tunbridge Wells Ninja is here to right wrongs, and … erm … prevent fraudulent parking:

The masked vigilante – who looks remarkably like a man in judo pyjamas and a balaclava – patrols the streets, righting wrongs and giving hope to the residents of the Kent town.
His feats include heroics such as returning lost cats to their owners and warning illegally parked drivers that they risk a parking fine.

The Ninja even has a Facebook page where he posts videos of his heroic acts, and corrects peoples assertions that he doesn’t actually exist:

Facebook seems to think I am not a real person but I can assure you that I am. The rumours are true. I am a ninja and I am patrolling Tunbridge Wells,’…‘It is my aim to help people, I am inspired by Neighbourhood Watch, which people seem to have forgotten about. So I’ve created Ninja Watch.

Well it looks like – at least for now – the people of Tunbridge Wells can sleep safe once again.

Ken Eakins
(Via – Daily Mail)

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