Not a picture I ever expected to be posting to SittingNow...urgh

Not a picture I ever expected to be posting to SittingNow...

This is starting to become a trend. You’re a pop-star, you’re bored, you spend an inordinate amount of time online (probably vanity-searching your own name), and you stumble upon…let’s say Above Top Secret…and all of a sudden you know ‘the Truth’. So what do you do next? The only thing you know how to do…publicise your amazing discovery!

Now, we know that this hasn’t always gone so well for other well-known would-be prophets of the New World Order. Former footballer and TV pundit David Icke, for example, suffered a painful humiliation at the hands of the BBC’s Terry Wogan…twice. Infamous MI5-bean-spiller David Shayler decided he’d found the truth, that he was the son of god, was duly hung-drawn and quartered, and did what any self respecting former government spook would…became a transvestite.

More recent recruits to world of ‘Celebrity Conspiracy Land’ have included Rosie ‘O Donnell, Robie Williams, and most recently,  Jim Corr. “JIMM ‘THE CORRS’ CORR?…really? ” I hear you ask. Really:

There’s something almost cute about his lateness to game with some of this stuff, but what the hell. I just hope we can expect a ‘New World Order’ themed Corrs album in the coming months, perhaps with guest vocals by Alex Jones…I think I just created the perfect super-group!

Ken Eakins

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