In this weeks episode we go deep into the roots of the Western Esoteric Tradition with our returning guest Raymond Wiley. Raymond is the former host of the amazing Out There Radio, and has recently graduated University with a BA in History where he specialised in the scholarly study of the Western Occultism. Raymond has a wealth of knowledge in the area we are discussing today, and presents it in his usual fun and highly interesting way.

There is no me and Paul banter this week due to me having an infected tooth, which has made me not only look…but sound like The Godfather! We will be back, I hope, as normal next week with another great guest. Enjoy the show.

Music this week comes from the amazing Secret Chiefs 3 in the shape of a cover of John Carpenters ‘Halloween’ score. It is a live recording, and i’m unsure as to it’s source, but it’s great!

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