It’s good to be back in the SittingNow saddle, with a brand new series of our flagship podcast! We’re returning to weekly, and we can’t wait to start pumping out the shows!

Our guest this week is the awesome Nikolas Schreck, author, musician, actor and spiritual advisor. Amongst his large repertoire of interests, one name piqued our interest, you may have heard of him…the devil. Nikolas is a former Devil-worshipper and a true expert on the subject. This is an awesome interview, strap in and enjoy the ride!

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Nikolas has a new EP out now call ‘Schreck 2020: I’m afraid of America’, which you can check out here

Nikolas Schreck Bio:

Nikolas Schreck is an American singer/songwriter, musician, author, and film-maker.

Acclaimed by Austria‘s Evolver magazine as “already a legend in his lifetime‘‘, singer-songwriter, author and film-maker Nikolas Schreck’s initiatory application of music, ritual and theater formally began in 1984 when he returned to the West from a life-changing spiritual pilgrimage in Egypt to found the shapeshifting musical ensemble Radio Werewolf, a nine-year sonic magic operation which concluded in 1993.

After pioneering early Los Angeles Gothic and deathrock with the band’s first incarnation, Radio Werewolf’s European phase was hailed by Christopher Walton of the band Endura for “simultaneously pre-empting and giving birth to the dark-ambient and ritual-industrial scene of the 1990’s.”

Before embarking on his current solo career, Schreck has previously collaborated musically with Zeena, John Murphy, Kingdom of Heaven, and Sir Christopher Lee, whose first album he produced. Schreck’s books include The Manson File: Myth & Reality of an Outlaw Shaman, Demons of the Flesh: The Complete Guide to Left-Hand Path Sex Magic (written with Zeena Schreck), The Satanic Screen, and Flowers from Hell. He is the director of the 1989 documentary Charles Manson Superstar and has appeared in several films, including Mortuary Academy and Usher.

His album ‘The Illusionist’ was released in August on the Records Ad Nauseam label. His latest EP recording is SCHRECK 2020: I’m Afraid of America.

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