HAIL ERIS!!! This week we present you with a BUMPER two hour Robert Anton Wilson tribute spectacular! Joining me, amongst a pleathora of guests, is the host of  the Disinformation Companies Podcast Joe McFall (Mort also joins us for one section). In this weeks episode we jump into the enlightening concepts of Discordianism, Magick, , Conspiracy Theories, Subgenius, General Semantics, The CounterCulture old and new amongst other Wilsonian subjects. Also checkout the chance to win a copy of the amazing Maybe Logic DVD, courtesy of the amazing Deep Leaf Productions.

We are joined in our discussion by returning guests Rev. Ivan Stang from the Church of the Subgenius, Thelemic author and all-round Magickal chap Lon Milo Duquette, co-founder of the Disinformation Company Richard Metzger and Experimental Magician Taylor Ellwood.

Of course, no episode of SittingNow would be complete without the infinite musical wisdom of DaddyTank, who this week presents us with:

Yeknom Susej – Monkey Pickle

Yellow Then Blue – C Mass

Beta Central – Massacre Component

Youngdental – Full and Empty Country

Clips used in the show are used courtesy of Deep Leaf Productions, andSounds True Audio.

Check out both of these recordings, I would recomend them to anyone!

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