Bob’s back! One of our favourite guests, and knowledgable chap when it comes to global folklore! In this episode, we build on our discussion in last interview by analysing ZOMBIES! Bob has a new book coming out soon entitled Zombies: A Field guide to the Walking Dead, so make sure you get your hands on that! Bob has some great tales that he picked up on his travels to research this latest book, so join us as we take a journey into the world of Zozobra’s, undead-monks and more!

This weeks featured music comes in the shape of The Melvins, with the track The Kicking Machine from the album ‘Nude with Boots’. You can download the track in MP3 form from the Southern Records site here.

Background music comes in the form of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros (no really!) played in Orchestra form!

We have some great guests coming up in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more Sitting Now oddness!

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