Journey with us into the dark and mystical caves and landscape of Kentucky to uncover strange phenomena and hidden secrets. Our local trail guide this week is the wonderful Nathan Isaac of the Penny Royal podcast.

This week: Feedback loops and the mystery of place, How to contact prater-human intelligences, James Shelby Downard in Kentucky, The Cincinnati Vortex, and much more.

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Check out Nathan’s Penny Royal podcast and Liminal Lodge Patreon at the links below:

Penny Royal podcast homepage
Liminal Lodge patreon page
Penny Royal Twitter page

Nathan Paul Isaac bio:

Nathan Paul Isaac is a writer, researcher, and producer, best known as the host and creator of the Penny Royal podcast. He has spent over two decades diving deep into the folklore, mystery, and high strangeness that envelops his native Kentucky. Nathan has been a featured speaker at paranormal conventions, including Strange Realities and Phenomenacon, appeared on a wide array of podcasts and radio shows, including Jim Perry’s Nite Drift and Coast to Coast AM, and as a guest on paranormal documentary films and television series.

In addition to producing the Penny Royal podcast (and the upcoming podcasts Hidden In the Herd and Valley of the Unreel), he has worked as an associate television producer for History Channel’s Dark Marvels. Alongside his work in the paranormal field, Nathan has worked for more than a decade in the music recording industry and as executive producer for the SomerSessions series, shooting and directing video sessions with Tyler Childers, Morgan Wade, and many other award-winning musicians and artists.


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