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This week: CCN reaches an all time low: Using Robots to make ghosts, a new low in regular features, clowns are scary..the facts, China has a really big laser, a big snake eats a man, the pros and cons of space travel with Virgin, Bill’s documentary about Napster, more religious hoaxary, and much more.

Personnel –  Kim Monaghan, Ken Eakins, and Frater Isla



  • Using Robots To Make Ghosts Link
  • Vanessa Mae News – Link 
  • French Fucking Clowns!Link 
  • China Builds a Laser Cannon to Emasculate the World Link
  • Thank God someone finally did this – Link
  • Still going ? – Link 
  • Downloaded –Link
  • Hoaxer Says Jesus Was Married Link
  • The Big Bud – Link
  • Occupy Democracy – Link 


The Queens Empire.

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