Apologies for the lateness of this show, I (The Ken) have been ill.

This week: The Big Dog is off the chain, yeah that’s right, Ken’s hosting again. That’s really all you need to know….no?…ok, this week we discuss The latest activistprank from the Yes Men, New moons and hipsters, Hack your face!, Kim’s analogue dream tape, Stuff, The weirdness of Mandella’s interpreter, Brazilian football is Smash TV, Nintendo gayness, and Florida’s cache of medieval weapons.

Personnel –  Kim MonaghanFrater Isla, and Ken Eakins


Links to your soul

  • The Yes Men Prank Homeland Security Link
  • New moon rising – Link
  • URME Prosthetic Surveilance Hacking! – Link
  • Cassette Tapes are Back! Link
  • I would. – Link
  • Mandella interpreter is a fucking oddball – Link
  • Brazilian Futbol Fan Killed by Toilet Link
  • Gaytendo – Link
  • Cache of Medieval weapons discovered in a coffin in Florida – Link


These disturbed wannabes – Link