Gentlemen, we can rebuild him...

This week: The Balsa Wood Titanic, The Phantom of Winnipeg, May Day and Occupy’s Second Wave, Kim’s Favorite Bedtime Story, the Dark Knight of Sterling Heights, MI and The Pornographic Jihad.

Personnel –  Joe NolanNicholas Pell,  Joseph Matheny, and Ken Eakins.


Pell is a dapper mofo.


  • The Titanic Strikes Back – Link
  • Winnipeg/Phantom  – Link
  • Clouds will save us from global warming. – Link
  • Terrorists hide their plans in porno vids. Who knew? – Link
  • Kim’s favourite bedtime story – Link
  • Occupy May Day – Link
  • The Bee Sting Rises – Link
The Bee Sting’s super-motivational introduction:

Musical Interludes


Cya next time ladies and gents.