This week: Will Chuck Norris get a bridge?, Iceland gets a Monster, The Matheny Movie Minute (© 2012), Paws for thought, America gets a slice of Jack, Conservative metal douche bags, RIP Barney Rosset, Street view banditos, The Green Llama, Gas imprisonment, and Tim and Eric go social.

Personnel – Joseph Matheny,  Kim MonaghanJoe Nolan and Ken Eakins.


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No Stinks with these links!

  • Chuck Norris Bridge (Kim) – Link
  • Iceland’s own Loch Ness monster captured on video (JN) – Link
  • Gantz + Anime Movie Minute – Link
  • Paws for thought – Link
  • Jack the Ripper  – Link
  • Dave Mustaine and Alice Cooper are douches  – Link
  • Legendary publisher and counterculture catalyst –  Link
  • Amazing Street View exhibition  – Link
  • The Green Llama  – Link
  • Gas Prices go up  – Link
  • Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie – Link

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