Here at Sitting Now, we don’t claim to be Conspiracy theorists, Mystics or Counter Cultural experts (though, I am working on the latter), we just find it all really interesting and enjoy discussing, and exploring it. Now, i’ve gone on the record in one of our shows saying that, personally, I find the world of Magic/Magick (call it what you will) fascinating…but a bit too snobby. There are a few exceptions to this rule, and one of those is the author and magician Lon Milo Duquette.

In Enochian Vision Magic, Duquette attempts to not only document the fascinating story of Dr John Dee and Edward Kelly’s quest to make contact with spiritual entities, but also to instruct the reader in the practical application of their findings in the modern environment.

Readers not already familiar with Duquette’s writings will feel instantly at ease with this book, while regulars will appreciate his attention to detail/yet solid conveyance of the topic at hand.

What I feel separates this work from others on the subject, is the intensive research and notation of the original Dee texts. Duquette doesn’t just present the reader with a ‘how-to’ textbook, he painstakingly explains all the symbology and application of each element. At the same time he also provides the reader with a pretty concise historical document, which I think will also appeal to the more casual reader interested in simply understanding the topic.

This book is a great blueprint for those interested in becoming practitioner’s of Enochian magic, as well as being a well written, and hugely accessible text for those just wishing to study the subject at an arms-length.


Ken Eakins

Check our exclusive audio-interview with Lon Milo Duquette on episode 5 of our podcast here. Lon’s website is also a great resource for those wishing to check out the author.

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