Supersonic  is by far the UK’s most exciting music festival, featuring some the world’s most eclectic bands, and artists. We transformed Behind Closed Doors host Kim Monaghan from a lowly chin-stroking basement dweller, into a fully fledged roving reporter; and sent him to meet the organisers of this amazing event over tea and cake.

To add to this, we also asked the lovely ladies from Capsule – the event organisers – to pick us a track-list of the  bands playing, and turn them over to you the listener.

We hope to do this every year, and more importantly, we’ll get Kim to go to a quieter location to do interviews.

Baby steps.


Track-list, picked by Capsule:

Mike Watt – Arrow Pierced Egg Man
Cloaks – Desolate Turves
Part Chimp – Hello Bastards
Scorn – Amroth
Alexander Tucker – His Arm Has Grown Long
The Berg Sans Nipple – Hark, The Poonie Angel Sings
Nathan Bell – From Within We Are
The Skull Defekts – Fragrant Nimbus
Electric Wizard – We Hate You
Iconaclass – Long Haul
Pekko Kappi – Ja Kielistas Lissaa
White Hills – Radiate
Circle – Vaellus
Silver Apples – Whirly Bird
Alva Noto – U

If you want us to play your band/noise/whatever, drop us a line here.


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